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Micro-assembly Capabilities

In 10k-class (ISO Class 7) clean room, we have completed high-density high-precision mounting, interconnection and packaging of chips, other components and substrates, as well as vacuum baking, cleaning and testing as auxiliary processes. Advanced micro assembly equipment such as automatic wire bonding machine, automatic surface mounting machine, vacuum soldering system and plasma cleaner are used to ensure high consistency and reliability of product performance.

Automatic Packaging Process

Qotana has fully implemented the automatic packaging process. Multi-chip die bonder can achieve high precision, high efficiency and high consistency. Automatic die bonding system improves efficiency by more than 80%, positioning accuracy up to ±5um, first pass yield up to 99.99%, and 100% ensures the consistency of product performance.

Vacuum Soldering

Different toolings are designed for each type of chip, and the soldering process is completed in a multi-chip vacuum soldering system. The temperature can be controlled within ± 1℃, and the void rate less than 5% to ensure good heat dissipation conditions and shear strength of the chip.

Wire Bonding

Full-automatic and manual gold wire bonding work together to improve the bonding efficiency by more than 100%. High bonding strength of the gold wire, consistent shape and span of the solder joint, and perfect radian ensure that the bonding force of each gold wire meets the quality standard.

Plasma Cleaning

The plasma cleaning process using argon as the process gas is adopted, and the inert gas does not cause damage to other parts of the product. This process greatly improves the bonding surface activity, reduces the water drop angle to less than 15°, and highly increases the bonding yield.