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About Us

Who We Are

Qotana Technologies was founded in 2009 and headquartered in Chengdu, China, with an area of 3,400 square meters for R&D and production, integrating design, R&D, production, sales and services. We are deeply engaged in the field of RF (Radio Frequency), microwave, millimeter wave technology, with products covering active modules, passive modules and system-level equipment, mainly including EMC benchtop power amplifiers, high power AC/DC power amplifiers, AC/DC ultra wideband low noise amplifiers, high power switches, attenuators, phase shifters, power dividers, couplers and so on. We can provide customized solutions for the industry to meet the needs of wireless infrastructure, RF microwave and network connection, test and measurement instruments, IoT and many other fields, and provide customers with high-quality products and first-class technical services.

What Are Our Strengths

Our vision is "devoted to becoming a trusted RF microwave technology company that offers products with high quality, superior performance and satisfying service in RF microwave and millimeter waves field.” 

We have experienced technical and manufacturing teams, most of whom have more than 10 years of relevant experience. Engineers account for more than 30%, and the manufacturing teams account for more than 50%.

We have a strict product development process to ensure that the performance indicators and manufacturing quality of products meet the requirements of industry standards through the review of schemes, designs, processes and drawings. 

We have industry-leading manufacturing and inspection equipment, and strictly control test indicators and manufacturing accuracy.

We have advanced automated manufacturing processes, such as automatic placement, bonding and testing, which greatly improve the production efficiency and manufacturing accuracy, and achieve standardized mass production.

Automatic test platform and data analysis technologies are used to realize automatic and batch product testing so that products reliability and timely delivery is ensured.

We have obtained ISO9001 Quality Management Certificate, ISO14001 Environmental Management System Certificate, and ISO 45001 Occupational Health and Safety Management Certificate.