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Home > News > Company News > Qotana official website has been redesigned and is now available online

2023-05-24 11:43:59

Qotana official website has been redesigned and is now available online

Qotana has recently launched its official website with a new version, www.qotana.com, which is now available on both PC and mobile devices. Endeavoring to build an online platform that caters to customers and promotes the company to a wider audience, the primary goal is to disseminate ideas, develop content, and enhance user experience, and present a more comprehensive corporate brand image to both customers and the general public.

A diverse range of high-quality standard products to choose from: display thousands of standard products across fifteen categories, with frequency coverage from DC to 90GHz, providing multiple solutions to meet the product needs of engineers in different application fields.

Efficient and precise product selection: product parameters filtering and comparison feature enables engineers to evaluate product performance quickly and precisely so as to select the most appropriate product that aligns with the design specifications.

PDF Datasheet online access: the online platform provides engineers with detailed product indicator parameters, user instructions, test curves, and other relevant information so as to gain a comprehensive understanding of product functions.

Live inventory updates: having access to real-time inventory information on products can assist customers in enhancing procurement efficiency and effectively shortening project timelines.

Prompt submission of customized requirements from customers: engineers can successfully utilize multiple fast channels to send customized product requirements and attachments for quick enquiry. And we guarantee a response time of 60 minutes or less.

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