Qotana launched Ultra-Wide Band Power Divider-Frequency DC-67GHz

Sources:Qotana   Views:47  Release Date:2016-08-19

In Aug, 2016, the high frequency ultra-wide band Power Divider-DBPD0200006700A is officially launched by Qotana, which also was totally independent researched and developed by Qotana. This Power Divider with ultra-wide band frequency from DC-67GHz, which would be widely used in the Military industry, Aerospace, Instrument and meter test, Radar and Telecommunications and etc..

To enhancing the quality of this products, and also to strict accordance with the requirements of the production process, the whole body from inner structure of cavity and surface of the cavity of DBPD0200006700A are fully use gold plating. Meanwhile, the gold plating for high frequency power divider has more advantages, which would have a better performance in the electrical conductive and anti-oxidative than normal power divider. Also, this power divider has good performance in insertion loss too, which is just around 1.2dB except the insertion loss of the component itself.



- Ultra-wide band frequency from DC-67GHz;

-  High Isolation, Low insertion loss;

-  Stabilized phase balance, Low amplitude;

-  Excellent quality, and good performance in Reliability;

-  Wide range of Applications.